One day you will need the same grace that you will not give to someone else.
— Matt Wade

The concept of grace has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Not that saving grace one learns about in church, but mortal grace. The kind that one walks with and extends to others. 

My hope is to live with grace. Recognizing and understanding that everyone has their own path to walk in this world. Knowing that people have different backgrounds that shape who they are today. Most importantly knowing that those things that will shape a person doesn't make them any better or worse. Simply that they are exactly who and where they are on their path at this point for a reason. Part of my learning to live with that grace means figuring out a way to not be triggered or annoyed when someone else fails to extend grace to another. In a previous post I mentioned that a goal that I have is learning to differentiate between what's my business and what belongs to someone else. When someone else behaves in a manner that is not in alignment with how I would (or am striving to) behave, that is none of my business.

Grace means allowing the other person the space to grow. Grace means loving myself enough to not get sucked in or invested into someone else's business/behavior. Grace also means giving myself the permission to learn this lesson and respect where I currently am on my own path.