It’s time for another round of This Week’s Faves. Without further ado. 

1. Music Moment

I’m not sure about you, but for me there are certain songs that I could listen to a million times without getting sick of them. What’s even better is when you listen to thatsong a ton of times and eventually stop listening, only to come back to it later and remember how much you loved it before. Bilal and Robert Glasper Experiment’s cover of David Bowie's of “Letter To Hermione” is one of those songs for me. It’s just so perfect. 

2. Worthwhile Read

I have had the debate regarding two spaces after a period more times than I would like to count. Thisfantastic, informative and correct article from Business Insider  puts that debate to bed. (Hint: One space is the way to go). 

3. Divine Design

This week’s Divine Design comes from Elle Decor. The focus of the collection is about bedroom statement art. For me the art was the very last thing that caught my eye. It’s the room as a whole that I love. 

4. Inspirational Meme

Here’s the thing people, be responsible for the energy you bring. If you are in a funky mood, that belongs to you and you need to own it. It does not belong to me, I do not accept it and I will not allow it to mess with my own energy. #PSA

5. Fashion Inspiration 

This week's Fashion Inspiration goes to Sarah Jessica Parker. Since Sex and The City, fashion and SJP have not be strangers. Like any public figure, negative comments have been made about SJP’s appearance. In spite of the critics and naysayers SJP continues to wear beautiful clothing, put herself out there and a year ago started her own shoe line. Amen for confidence and ignoring the haters. 

P.S. A special Happy Birthday shoutout to my Dad whose birthday is today! Love you!